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Knowing the best apartment search resources is key to finding the perfect rental home for you and your family. It’s always very difficult to know where to start looking for a new apartment to rent. There are literally hundreds of apartments out there but to know where the right apartment for you is may be found through having good apartment search resources. Listed below are various resources you have to make your quest of the perfect apartment easier. Use this resources to find apartments that peak your interest, then input their information into our apartment search spreadsheet to find out which one is truly the best (or worst) for your exact needs.apartment search resources

People and signs–You may not know it but your current surroundings can be an apartment search resource itself. Asking your colleagues, families, friends, and other people you trust might give you some good apartment options. Especially those who already have experience searching for apartments as they’ll be able to guide you with how and where to find good places or houses for rent. Another basic thing that could be of help is for you to check out walls and places around you (like in a library or post office), which have “for rent” posts.

Local Newspapers– It’s still important to browse on the traditional resource of classified ads for apartments. Many landlords still use newspapers to advertise their apartment. Some people are still more familiar and used to searching through broadsheet classified ads. Go to a category named “Apartments for Rent” or something similar, and there you’ll find your choices. It’s a cheap daily apartment searching resource. Local newspapers are simple and yet informative apartment search resource. However, at times, there are ads in the newspapers that provide not very detailed information and pictures of the apartments.

Online Classified Ads– Moving from paper to the Internet, you have online classifieds that contain apartment ads of sellers that you can directly contact. At times, you might find this easier and more convenient since in only few clicks you can have many options and information in front of you. As an example, is a well known and usual online classified for apartments. Craiglist is also a potential site to post on if you’re looking for a roommate or want to sub-lease your apartment.

Property Management Companies or Real Estate Brokers– If you’re too busy or you’re having such a hard time with searching for the right apartment either by paper or by Internet, this is an option for you. Property Management Companies and real estate brokers can be found on the yellow pages. Both have the job of providing you apartment choices. Specifically, a real estate broker is a licensed person to connect you to the seller of the house. However, this service of course has a certain amount of charge amounting to around $50, so you might rather consider other apartment search resources first if you available.

Apartment Finder­– This can be found online as well and is also for people who need help in finding the right apartment. It does the job of browsing on apartment search resources after you fill out a form of your preferences and needs in an apartment. Then, the apartment finder e-mails you a list of apartments that fit your preferences and needs. Then again, this service isn’t free and charges a certain amount.

Online Rental Listing­– Today, this is the most used and is said to be the best apartment search resource. First, it would be because it is more and more being used by sellers or landlords to advertise their apartments, hence it might give you more options in a convenient way. Second, it asks you to put your preferences in an apartment: location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, preferred price, and your other needs, so that you’ll be given apartment options according to your preferences and needs. Third, online rental listing is free. However, there are sites for advanced search that requires fees, but you can avoid these sites because you’ll be paying just to see what they can give you and it might be too risky to be worthy of your money. Another reason, which may be the most helpful one, is that information and pictures of apartment choices in online rental listing are more available and detailed. This will help you have top choices of apartments because of the information and pictures that are available even without having to go to the apartment yet. This will also save your time and effort in putting apartments on your list that will just disappoint you when you visit them personally just because you didn’t have enough information and pictures of the apartments.

As much as online rental listings have these edges of being a useful resource, you would still have to directly contact the complex to check on the availability and actual unit rent because other websites are not always updated. These websites can be useful in your search for apartments:


With good apartment search resources in hand; finding the right apartment for you can be easier and more convenient than ever. You don’t have to use all of these apartment search resources – you may only need one – as long as you get substantial, accurate, and sufficient information of different apartments. There are indeed a lot of apartments around you, but make sure to get the right options by having the right apartment search resources.

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